Pre-Kindergarten Program

Smart Kids’ Child Development Centers provide an early childhood experience through quality infant-care, toddler development (twos and threes), and school readiness programs. We also offer Pre-K Programs, After School Programs, and School Aged Summer Camp.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Smart Kids’ Child Development centers objective is to ignite wonder, develop essential readiness skills through play and investigation to best prepare your child for Kindergarten.

The Pre-K classrooms are operated by experienced Child Care professionals who receive early childhood education. Your child will experience a structured environment that strives to stimulate and promote learning.

The Pre-K curriculum provides a foundation for teachers and children as they participate in activities that set the stage for further investigation and discussion. The curriculum embraces the concept of Communication and observation. Teacher observations of your child will occur inside and outside of the classroom, will be formal and informal, and will occur daily, weekly, and throughout the year. We will be looking at what your children know and can do. The observations, interactions, and time spent listening and reflecting, will give us all the information we need to know how to support the development of your child.

Parents are welcome to share in the Pre-K experience by:

  • Visiting the classroom & viewing the displays of  work
  • Reading the current lesson plans & examining curriculum
  • Viewing photos of children doing projects and work
  • Participating in field trips, activities, and experiences
  • Checking your family mailbox & sharing information with your child
  • Sharing information with the teachers through conferences or everyday discussion